News of London

On the first day, students were able to get to know the city, as well as the squares full of shops and with some street artists singing, dancing, etc. The students had the opportunity to have dinner at the Hard Rock Café restaurant, and immediately afterwards they went to see a very well-known and interesting musical called “The Phantom of the Opera”.
The next day students visited the Buckingham Palace, where they were able to witness the changing of the Queen's guards. They could also visit the Madame Tussauds museum. A famous museum with several celebrities made of wax, and then had the opportunity to take a ride in the famous London Eye, where they had a magnificent view of Big Ben and all the city monuments.
On the third day, they went to Camden Town Lock market, where the students were able to buy some souvenirs. That same day they had the experience of going on a Sightseeing Cruise on the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich to appreciate and get to know the various bridges in London, such as the Tower Bridge, famous buildings as the Shard and the replica of Shakespeare’s theatre. The cruise stopped at Greenwich. There they could experience what life was like aboard on a 19th century tea-cutting boat the “Cutty Sark” , which is now an award-winning museum-boat, allowing you to learn about China's tea trade voyages and life at sea. Situated on a hill in Greenwich Park in East London, overlooking the River Thames to the north is the Royal Observatory of Greenwich which serves as a reference to calculate distances in longitudes and establish time zones. There they could visit the imaginary line of the Meridian and then they walked through the beautiful Greenwich Park.
Once in the boat they could see the sights, learn about the river Thames which is identify as a crucial link between London and the sea and recounting the history behind London Docklands as the main trading hub.
After that, they went to visit Harrods. It's London's most famous and exclusive shop. It has a total of seven floors where everything from wild animals to grand pianos is sold. It is the place where queens and royalty do their shopping.
On the last day the students visited the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and also the Kensington Palace.
This trip was prepared and organized by the students in the Technical English classes. In turns, they were the tour guides for their colleagues and accompanying teachers, leading them through the streets of London to discover the most beautiful monuments and attractions of this city.
The students had the incredible opportunity to get to know the city of London, as well as to practice the English language. It was an opportunity for them to have fun and learn outside the classroom context.
Técnico de Animação em Turismo, 3ºB
Andreia Matos, nº1
Inês Martins, nº7